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Tadoba Jungle Safari Booking & Packages


We at Jungle Trail , have designed Tadoba Jungle Safari Packages , for those who love to relax around in the wilderness of Indian Wildlife Sanctuaries. Our Tadoba National Park Tour Packages gives a complete wildlife experience along with adventure safari activities..

We would be happy to help you explore the majestic jungle trails of Tadoba Tiger Reserve. We offer one of the best wildlife tour packages. With our best wildlife holiday packages, you can rest assured for a hassle free and an unforgettable wildlife experience.


At JungleTrail,  we customise your tadoba jungle safari packages as per your requirements. Generally 2 or 3 nights package at Tadoba National Park would be ideal to explore the entire forest to have the best wildlife experiences. There are 2 jungle safaris in a day. One starts early morning and the other in the afternoon. All our tadoba jungle safari packages includes transfers from the nearest railway station or the airport. Stay with all meals and jungle safaris as per the plan. Kindly fill in the form on the page with your requirements and we shall get back to you with a complete Itinerary designed for you.

Tadoba Tiger Reserve

Let’s Customise your Tadoba Jungle Safari Packages !

About the Forest

Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve is a tiger reserve in Chandrapur district of Maharashtra state in central India. It is notable as Maharashtra’s oldest and largest national park with total area of 1727 sq kms. Tadoba lies in the confines of Chimur Hills and the latter comprises of Kolsa and Mohurli Ranges. The undulating topography comprises of Hills which are densely covered with mixed forests and belts of bamboo. The deep valleys, riverbeds, and small grassy meadows provide suitable habitat to many life forms.


“Tadoba” is taken from the name of the god “Tadoba” or “Taru”, worshipped by the tribes who live in the dense forests of the Tadoba and Andhari region, while “Andhari” refers to the Andhari River that meanders through the forest.

Your Itinerary

Day 1

Reach Nagpur and drive to your Resort. Post Lunch we go for our First Jungle Safaris. Dinner and Overnight at the Resort

Day 2

At Tadoba. We have two Jungle Safaris on this day. Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner Included.

Day 3

This is our last day and we don’t have safari on this day. Have a Lazy Morning and your Breakfast in the Resort. Check out by Noon.

Our Standard Tadoba jungle packages are for 2 Nights with 3 Jungle Safaris or 3 Nights with 5 Jungle Safaris. For 3 Nights / 4 Days Package with 5 Jungle Safaris we shall have one more day and would be similar to Day 2. We can also customize the package according to your requirements.

Tiger with a Kill
Your Tadoba Jungle Safari

We have some best Drivers and Guides to take care of your Tadoba Jungle Safaris. We take care of every thing right from booking the forest permits, safari vehicle and expert guides and drivers to ensure the experience of life time. There are two jungle safaris in a day. One in the Morning and other in the Afternoon. Both Morning and Afternoon Safaris are for 4 hours. One Jeep Safari can Accommodate maximum 6 People. There is a Forest Guide along with you for the Safari to give you the best Jungle Safari Experience.

Tadoba Jungle Safari Timings

Safari timings of Tadoba National Park changes according to the seasons. However, during the monsoon season, the park remains shut for tourists as it is a breeding season of the wild animals. Therefore, as a tourist attraction, the park remains open from 01st October to 30th June. In the winter season, the timings of the morning jeep safari in Tadoba National Park starts from 6:30 AM to 10:30 AM. Whereas, the evening safari starts from 2:00 PM which lasts till 6:00 PM. For the months of Summer, the safari timing changes and scheduled from 6:00 AM to 10:00 AM for the morning batch and 3:00 PM to 7:00 PM for the evening batch.

Tadoba Safari Zones

Which forest gate is best at Tadoba National Park ?

There are Four Entry Points at Tadoba Forest, namely Moharli, Kolara, Navegaon and Kutwanda. They are different Entry Points to the Forest, though the forest area accessible from all the four entry points is the Same. These four entry points are the entry to the Core Zones of the Forest.


In addition to the Core Zones there are many Buffer Zones at Tadoba. Unlike other Forests, Tadoba is also famous for good tiger sightings in the Buffer Zones. Out of all the Zones, Moharli and Kolara are considered to be the Premium Entry Points. Also there are many good Accommodations available at this two gates.


These zone has numerous water bodies, and hence, the chances of spotting wild animals around these water bodies are more as compared to other zones. One has to be very careful in selecting the Core and Buffer zones. You have to select those zones which is close to your resort as travelling between different entry gates is not easy. They are at quite distance and you may need to travel a lot before the actual jungle safaris at Tarodba National Park. So always be careful in selecting the Jungle Safari Permits.

For More Details on the Different Safari Gates (Safari Zones) refer to our Blog

Resorts at Tadoba

All our Tadoba safari packages are created and designed with minute details of the theme and with the goal of rich travel experience.  Our Tie-ups with good comfortable resorts in tadoba never leave room for any worry with respect to your accommodations. From Budget Resorts to Luxury Cottages and Tents, we can get you as per your Requirements.

Choosing the travel company that can deliver your dream trip is the most important decision you’ll make as you plan your trip.  We know there are many choices available but we’re confident that none will offer the combination of wildlife expertise, good lodging , exclusive activities  and overall value for money and we take your trust in deciding to travel with us.

Climate at Tadoba National Park

Winters stretch from November to February; during this season, daytime temperature are in the 25°-30°C range and the park is lush green. Summers are extremely hot in Tadoba as the temperature can go up to 47°C; even so it is the ideal time to sight mammals near water lakes as the vegetation is also rare, increasing visibility. The monsoon season begins in June; the area receives heavy rainfall during this season (approx.1275 mm) and humidity hovers around 66%.

How to Reach Tadoba
By Rail

Nagpur is also connected through rail with all the major cities in India. However, the nearest railway station is Chandrapur which is 45 kms. from Tadoba. It can also be accessed through train via Nagpur.

By Air

The nearest airport is Nagpur. Tadoba is around 200 Kms. from Nagpur which can be covered by road within 3.5 hours.

By Road

Tadoba is around 200 Kms. from Nagpur which can be covered by road within 3.5 hours.


Apart from the keystone species, The Tiger, Tadoba Tiger Reserve is home to other mammals, including Indian leopard, sloth bears, gaur, nilgai, dhole, stripped hyena, small Indian civet, Jungle cats, sambar deer, barking deer, chital, chausingha and honey badger. Tadoba lake sustains the marsh crocodile. Reptiles here include the endangered Indian python and the common Indian monitor lizards. Terrapins, Indian star tortoise, Indian cobra and Russel’s viper also live in Tadoba.

The lake contains a wide variety of water birds, and raptors. 195 species of birds have been recorded. The grey-headed fish eagle, the crested serpent eagle, and the changeable hawk-eagle are some of the raptors seen in the park.

Other bird species found in the reserve include the orange-headed thrush, Indian pitta, crested treeswift, stone curlew, crested honey buzzard, paradise flycatcher, bronze-winged jacana, lesser golden backed woodpecker, various warblers, black-naped blue flycatcher and the Indian peafowl. The signature spider, giant wood spider and red wood spiders are often seen during the monsoon and soon after. Some hunting spiders like the wolf spiders, crab spiders and lynx spiders are also common.


A black panther was spotted in May 2018. As per the officials, it is a rare sight since black panthers normally live in evergreen forests and not in dry deciduous forests like Tadoba Tiger Reserve.

For more details on Different Tigers of Tadoba, please refer to our Blog

If you are a Solo Traveler or If you wish to travel in a group along with like minded travelers, we do have fixed departure trails. Please click here to check out our Trail Calendar for the year. 

Tigress Sonam at Teliya Lake

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