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Red Panda Expedition

Singalila National Park

Red Panda Expeditions

The high-altitude national park (2500-3650m) is situated on the Singalila Ridge in the Darjeeling district of West Bengal and spans an area of 78.6sq.km. The park shares a natural boundary with Nepal in the west and Sikkim in the north.

The mountain forests of Singalila boast an astounding diversity of flora and fauna. It is one of the last remaining natural habitats of the endangered Red Panda.

The national park offers panoramic views of the eastern Himalayas, including four of the five highest peaks in the world―Mount Everest, Kangchenjunga, Lhotse, and Makalu. The famous trek route to Sandakphu (3636m), the highest peak in West Bengal, runs through the national park, making it a popular destination among adventure seekers and trekkers.

Let’s Customise your Red Panda Expeditions !

About the Forest

The red panda is an elusive and mysterious mammal of Himalayan forest biodiversity. Wild Red panda live in the temperate deciduous forests of the eastern Himalayas, with bamboo undergrowth at altitudes of 2,400 to 3,900meters. Listed as Endangered on the IUCN Red List since 2008 due to the threat of global warming, deforestation & poaching, estimated at 10,000individuals, with a decreasing population trend.

Tourism is the best way in which they get benefited or get revenue. This actually creates awareness about them and also makes them more interested in saving or protecting the wildlife in this region.

Your Itinerary

Day 1

After Arrival at Airport the driver will be ready to pick them up.

  • It is always recommended to plan for the 7-day Red Panda Tour including 6 days of the major Red Panda Safari with Himalayan birding tour, and 1 day in hand to travel to the destination to and fro.
  • Indian Guests:

Keeping in mind the convenience of our visitors, while they arrive, the driver will be ready to pick them up from the Bagdogra Airport, India(Inidian Guests ).

After four hours journey Visitors will then be accompanied to the checkpoint of Singalila National Park – Manebhanjeng.

Our guests will leave the Landrover and move towards their new home for the next 6 nights in Tumling/ Kalapokhri by afternoon.


Please keep in mind:

Since Singalila will be closed for entry post 2 pm onwards, it’s requested to our wildlife tours visitor book the first flight to Bagdogra no later than 9 am.

In any situation, if our visitors fail to book the first flight, we have also arranged for a stay at Manebhanjang/ Siliguri for a night at an extra cost the night before the main event.

Day 2

We have placed our guide and experts in such a way that by the time our guests are up for their Red Panda wildlife safari.

  • Our expert trackers are already out in the wild tracing for theWild Red Panda.

To make this day exciting we give our guests the option to either walk to the Red Panda habitat through the trail, accompanied by the experts.

While looking for the Red Panda spot, our visitors can also choose to do short bird-watching tours on the way to the trail, while our trackers are out looking for the Red Pandas.

  • Depending on the situation, we can either have our lunch on the field or back at the lodge. Besides,dinner will be served in the homestay followed by an overnight relaxing stay.

Note: In Singalila National Park Red Panda Safari, the Landrover can only travel to a motorable road near to the sighting.

Day 3 to Day 5

As a portion of the Red Panda habitat is in Nepal and the rest in India, our trackers will travel both sides.

  • Our trackers will scan Singalila forest & wild Nepal looking for illusivecute Red Panda.

Our trackers also search for other wildlife species to make it easier for our visitors to decide on the latter half of their journey of this wildlife photography holiday.

Don’t forget this tour is also one of the best bird photography tours India and our team also help you to capture rare Himalayan Birds.

our Red Panda Expedition safari India team will choose the best bird photography habitat where one can fulfil their birdlife photography passion.

  • Ourwildlife photography Tour is not just about Red Pandas.

In addition, you can enjoy the scenic beauty of Kanchendzonga peak and sleeping Buddha by visiting Tumling for exploring it alongside our guide and tracker.

  • One can also experience thehighest point of West Bengal called the Sandakphu, making it easier to gaze at the mesmerizing sight of Mount Everest and Kanchendzonga, one of the best parts of the jungle safari in India.
  • Our guests can choose to trek up through the trails for awild photography experience or can ride through the Landrover to explore different sights of the Sandakphu.

Day 6

Keeping in mind that we might miss Red Panda Spotting through the other days.

  • We have specially planned this day so that we can try and spot Red Panda in Nepal side in the dense forest of Tinchule or Dobate..
  • In the dense forest of Singalila National Park, we work to look for the Red Pandas at a steering height of 5000 to 12000 feet above sea level.

This spot is considered one of the most amazing trek routes running through the tea plantation and High Mountain trails marking this as one of the best safaris in India.

  • On the way to the mountain trail, we happen to spend some time on birdlife photography. Singalila National park is the home of 400 Himalayan Birds.

Day 7

Followed by a thorough breakfast, our visitors will be moved to the airport on the way to Bagdogra Airport ( India )/ Bhadrapur Airport (Nepal ).

Best time to visit

Planning to Visit? Find out the best time to experience the scenic beauty

  • September through November –

Autumn is the time for wild fruits and Red Panda loves to taste these wild fruits including kiwiStrawberries, and Sarbus.

In addition, you can also experience the clear sky making it a good time for birding.

  • December through January –

Our visitors might experience snowfall. This is the best time as this is the season for mating and our wildlife photographers can take advantage of this time.

This is a time when one might be able to experience good birding because of the clear sky.

  • If you are planning for February through March –

Since the fall happens to be the mating season, right after the same our visitors might be able to experience mother Red Pandas with their baby red panda during this late fall season.

This could be a great emotional capture for many wildlife photographers. This season is also a great time to experience serious birding.

  • April through Mid-May –

This time of the year happens to be a complete bridal look accompanied with the Rhododendron as the color of the flower is showering bright, making the valley blossom.

Besides this, you can also see flowers like Orchid, Magnolia and many more. This is the best time for excellent birding.

  • Mid May through Mid June –

This is the time in the rain when you can experience beautiful wildflowers like Orchids, Cobra Lily, Wild strawberries and an excellent time for birding.

Choosing the travel company that can deliver your dream trip is the most important decision you’ll make as you plan your trip.  We know there are many choices available but we’re confident that none will offer the combination of wildlife expertise, good lodging , exclusive activities  and overall value for money and we take your trust in deciding to travel with us.

If you are into the wild, then Singalila is one of the best places in India to experience the rare Red Panda.

  • Apart from the Red Panda, Singalila is home to different mammals, including –
    Himalayan Black bear,Clouded Leopard, Leopard Cat, Serow, Barking deer,Yellow-throated marten,Wild Boar,Pangolin,Pika among others.
  • If one is greatly fascinated by bird watchingand birding photography, then this is the ideal place to experience 300 different species of birds with distinct habitats.

Our visitors are invited to come for a Singalila trek to relish the birdwatching holidays, including –

Blood pheasant, Satyr Tragopan, Kalij Pheasant,Hill Partridge, Himalayan Griffon, Falvous Parrobills, Rufous-vented tit, fire-tailed Mayzornis, golden breasted Fulvetta, Rose finchs, Bullfinches, White-throated Redstart, Wren babbers, Laughing thrushes, Nuthatches, Treecreepers, Yuhinas, Minivets,Verditer Flycatcher, Darjeeling Woodpecker and more will make this holiday a thrilling one. The breathtaking aura of Kanchendzonga and Mount Everest can be visualized on crystal clear days making it ideal for photographers to grab their cameras and click those timeless shots.