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About us

About Jungle Trail

Jungle Trail is an organization, founded with great passion to unfold an experience of incredible wildlife existing in the lap of Mother Nature. The organization was founded in Mumbai, in the year 2017 by a group of professionals in diverse fields joining hands to provide an experience of the Incredible Indian Wildlife.
We endeavor to provide a unique experience of Indian wildlife with focus on spreading biodiversity awareness, supporting conservation at grass root level and above all instilling a sense of deep Respect for Nature in each mind and heart.
Calling out all the wildlife enthusiasts!
Jungle Trail is an organization founded by a group of professionals in diverse fields to provide an experience of the incredible Indian wildlife and as part of this effort we are dedicated to organizing economical tours to various fauna-filled informative tours. Our trails range from nature walks, bird – watching, jungle safaris in India to game drives in the savannahs (Africa), leisure trips discovering the soothing touch of Mother Nature to corporate offsites encouraging team bonding in a rustic set up free from technology arrest, photography etc.
All the jungle trails are created and designed with minute details of the theme and with the goal of rich travel experience. Tie-ups with good comfortable properties never leave room for any worry with respect to your accommodations, subject matter expertise on the set-ups at each offered destination and engagement of best naturalists ensures an experience that will find its place in your memory for life.
Choosing the travel company that can deliver your dream trip is the most important decision you’ll make as you plan your trip. We know there are many choices available but we’re confident that none will offer the combination of wildlife expertise, sighting rich jungle safaris, good lodging , exclusive activities and overall value for money and we take your trust in deciding to travel with us.
Each jungle trail can be customized as desired.
So Let’s embark on this journey to discover the vast variety of beauty that nature has to offer.

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