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Pench Jungle Safari

June 2019

One of the most memorable Pench Jungle Safaris. After a dry spell of 3 back to back safaris in the core areas, our skillful experienced drivers gathered clues to trace the majestic stripped beauties of Pench National Park. The famous ruling Collarwali (Mataram), holding world record for maximum litters with her cubs was a soul fulfilling experience of our guests. The tiny cubs and their playful nudging interactions amongst themselves was a treat to eyes.


Not too behind were the sightings of other leading tigresses of this park i.e. Langi & her cubs and the shy Patdev & cubs. In all 6 safaris gave them fantastic sightings of 14 different tigers, 1 leopard , pack of wild dogs, scavenging jackals, Indian gaur and many other mammals.


The colorful Indian roller, pied malabar hornbill, grey hornbill, noisy flirting parakeets were few bird sightings. It was an immense pleasure for us to know that our guests had a fantastic wildlife experience in the last trip of the season to Pench National Park.

Short Video of the Trip to Pench

Dawn of a new day, early morning pumps in new life in us. Similar is it’s effect on all flora, fauna and other living beings. The chirps of the birds, dance of the peacocks, sounds of the forest with the cold breeze makes the environment refreshing in the morning. Early mornings spell a new beginning to animals.


Hence, the morning safaris are never to be missed. The animals are more active during this time of the day and probability of sighting a tiger is highest during the early hours of the day.